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Associated Reserve Planners Canada (ARPC) was formed in 2012 out of a need standardization in the reserve planning industry. The industry has been created by changing provincial legislation in efforts to provide consumer protection. However, the industry created is unregulated. It is the mission and goal of ARPC to establish and maintain the highest set of standards and ethics for all reserve planners in Canada. This mission and goal is shared with Associated Reserve Planners USA and Associated Reserve Planners International formed in 2015.

ARPC offers training to qualified individuals to add reserve planning to their existing business or begin a
new full time or part time career. Franchise and mentorship programs are also available. For those
strata/condominium corporations wishing to be more pro-active in the management of the capital assets
can utilize the DIY Reserve Fund Study Program to create their own report. APRC will match with a
consultant member in the area to assist at whatever level is required.
Condominium and strata managers, self-managed corporations, those seeking a new business
opportunity, or those practitioners wanting to become compliant with the ICBI standards, ARPC has the
solutions. Complete an exam and become certified. Have your existing software certified or become
more efficient by utilizing the ICBI endorsed RFA Pro software. You will be listed in the ARPC member
directory available here.

Our Founder

Brian A. Hill | B.Comm., DAR, DRP

Brian Hill has been a residential appraiser since 1986 and entered the reserve planning industry in 2011. Soon after Brian realized that this industry created out of legislation to protect condominium owners was not an organized industry. There was no watchdog, no widely accepted standards or reporting practices. The International Capital Budgeting Institute was created and the Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards were written. Brian sits on the standards committee of ICBI along with 15 others from 6 countries. ARPC members have been tested on the standards and have agreed to comply with them including the software standards. RFA Pro is endorsed by ARPC and remains the only software solution available in Canada which complies with the ICBI Standards.

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