RFA Pro Software

Adding a New Property

Creating New Property

From the main menu select Manager, then Master System, then New Property.

Enter the Property Name. ex. KAS1234 – Valley View Estates

Enter Property Index ex.

Enter Property Type ex. Town House

Enter State ex. B.C.

Enter Analysis Date This is the date the plan begins. Usually the first day of the upcoming year for the corporation.

The Client System Key is used to provide the client back end access to the RFA Pro system.

Select Save new then Accept

Definition of the New Property

From the main menu highlight the property and select Definition

Complete the Property Information. The initial date is the estimated date of first occupancy. Input the number of units. Number of Phases and Number of Models is primarily used for time share properties. For strata/condo properties use 1 Phase.

Select Property Criteria

Inflation should be compounded Annually.

Allocation Format should be Fixed.

Ownership should be wholly owned.

Weeks in Year should be 52.

Minimum Life should be 2 years.

Cash Flow Schedule can be set for 40 years. Charts and graphs can be created using shorter time frames when creating the reports.

Analysis format should be Analysis.

Contribution Method should be Future Cost.

Measurement Basis, select appropriate

Select Financial Parameters.  Fill in the appropriate rates.

Phases, Units and Model Allocation used primarily for time share properties.

Select Save

The Work Area

From the main menu select Manager then highlight the property and select Work Area of simply double click on the property.

Select New Reserve Item from the Main Menu. Select Master List Selection. Then OK

When selecting from the master list select the first box, the Common box then logistic box for each item. Then select Save.

Report Writer and Report Builder

System Merge Fields

Before entering the work area go into the System tab and then System Merge Fields. Enter the following:

Field Name                    Field Value

Planner Name               Your name

Property Manager          Name of the strata management company representative

Strata Mgmt Co            Name of the strata management company

Property Type               Townhouse/Bare Land Strata etc.

Inspection Date            Date of inspection

Ann Oper Budget         $100,000 – Enter strata annual budget

Date Signed                   Date signed

RFS Company                Enter your company name here

You do not need to enter this info every time you enter the program only just when using report builder to produce a report.

Report Writer

Most system reports are designed to remain as system reports however The Cover Page, AAA Summary & Conclusions and BBB Property Info are specific to the property and should be saved as property reports.

In Global Parameters, set the values to Plan A and produce reports for:

Cash Flow table (Reports) and Cash Flow Chart (Chart Manager)

Parameters, Full detail including report notes and images (Reports)

Expenditures, List-date sub annually (Reports)

Analysis Summary (Reports)

Percent Funded – Annual (Reports)

Then set Global parameters to Plan B and create the cash flow table (Reports) and chart for plan B (Chart Manager)

Then set Global parameters to Plan C and create the cash flow table (Reports) and chart for plan C (Chart Manager)

Re-set Global Parameters to Plan A

Report Builder

Once all reports have been created enter the report builder.

Determining an Adequate Funding Level

Once all Global Parameters such as Rate of Inflation, Beginning Balance, Rate of Investment and Contribution Factor have been entered, and all calculations have been completed for each reserve item, you are ready to plan some funding alternatives or models.

Creating Funding Plans

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