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We provide quality training and software solutions to the reserve fund planning industry.

In-Depth Training

Become a Reserve Fund Study and Depreciation Report Provider.

Applicable Software

RFA Pro is a user friendly software solution for the preparation of Reserve Fund Study and Depreciation Reports.

DIY Training

Our DIY program provides the software tools, training and consulting services needed to Do It Yourself!

What is a reserve Fund Study?

In basic terms, a Reserve Fund Study or Depreciation Report as it is called in BC, is a report that assists condominium or strata corporations in understanding what they own, how much money they have, the timing of potential replacements, future costs, and, ultimately, how to pay for the replacements when they are due. These reports are primarily completed by appraisers, home inspectors, engineers or other qualified individuals.

How do i get qualified?

ARPC offers training to individuals who want to add reserve planning to their existing business or begin a new full time or part time career. Franchise and mentorship programs are also available. Strata/condominium corporations wishing to be more pro-active in the management of the capital assets can utilize the DIY Reserve Fund Study Program to create their own report. APRC will match with a consultant member in the area to assist at whatever level is required.

get the training you need

ARPC offers training to become a Professional Reserve Fund Study Provider - RFSP - to individuals with appropriate skills.

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Whether you are a professional reserve planner or a Director of a Condominium or Strata, a Reserve Fund Study preparation solution is a necessity RFA Pro is that solution. This menu driven software system will allow the user to experiment with several funding plans with ease and create an easily understood report including financial exhibits, charts, and graphs. The Table of Contents is self-generating and pages are automatically numbered. Enter photo and narrative descriptions and history of component items. Narrative templates included are fully customizable and ensure compliance. Your entire software solution & training is ICBI compliant.

Get on the right track

Our training complies with the current Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards as well as the Financial Reporting and Assurance Standards of Canada

Brian A. Hill B.Comm, DAR, DRP — Founder & CEO.

We Help


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Appraisers are well suited to add Reserve Planning to their skill set and services offered to
their client base. Many are already offering replacement cost appraisals to the same clients requiring
reserve study/depreciation reports. Appraisers are well versed in assessing condition and age/life of
various building components and systems.

Home Inspectors

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Home Inspectors are well versed in building systems and assessing age and condition
or building components and are well suited to add Reserve Planning to their skill set and services offered
to their client base.


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Engineers already represent a large part of the Reserve Planning industry and many are
already completing building envelope assessments and are well suited to add Reserve Planning to their
skill set and services offered to their client base if they have not already. Numerous engineers across
Canada have already subscribed to RFA Pro software to ensure the reports are compliant.

Condominium Owners

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Members of council or board may wish to educate themselves with the Reserve
Planning process in order to create a long range capital plan for the property and take advantage of our
DIY program.

Property Managers

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Property Managers are very well suited to the Reserve Planning process as the
have an excellent working knowledge of the capital expenditures required to maintain multi-unit
properties. Offering these services to their client base can set the apart from their competition.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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With a basic knowledge of building components and systems gained through
our courses many individuals possess the ability to learn the Reserve Planning process and with the tools
provided in our courses and the RFA Pro software can create a new career as a professional Reserve



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